Saturday, October 02, 2010

Oppression - Restricted Experiences. Then Usual Gender activities


We found fine, warm people, but
  • Photo inside a supermarket.  We were not allowed even to take a picture inside the supermarket to show back home how alike theirs are to ours.  No! Arms waving. Stop.  And 
  • Sex Trafficking, Farm. out in the country, across the border about half an hour from Hungary, Sign, in English, Sex Farm. A paved road, but a farmland-unsettled area, flat in all directions, some hedgerows, little woods, and a dirt road going off to the left. Nowhere to run. Arrow pointing the way off-road. And the road just went on and on until it disappeared. No getting away from there.  And guess the nationality of the clientele. We did not stop. 
  • Otherwise great stay. But there are watchers.
Usual gender activities:

On the more predictable, moneymaking side:

 Passed this little red house need the border from Switzerland to Liechtenstein. Sign for the activities inside in general.

  • Overnight at a "zimmer" (rooms above a pub, main road) for a room, between Vienna and Bratislava. Had supper, went upstairs, then saw that the room had no curtains, bathroom no door. Just turn off the lights and sleep. Slow night. Good food, friendly people but the function rooms are clearly that. No curtains, and the parking lot below? 

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