Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Forbes bllionaires. Microcosm of global duping. Measure wealth over poverty for taxation, no cap.

Update 2018, two years after Trump: Forbes has undone itself. I am abandoning this research because the desired source, Forbes, has ads that cannot be removed from the body of the information.  Greed, greed, and I am leaving the site with the work incomplete.  Forbes, use some discipline. Get those ads out of thee. Invasive ads drive away readers.
Standard for Fair Taxation: Tax income that exceeds poverty levels. No cap.

Billionaires pay little in proportional taxes. See this categorical romp through the top 50 or so of the billionaires' list. 


See 2018 billionaires' list at https://www.forbes.com/billionaires/#7270a7c3251c.  Compare to five years ago, at  http://www.forbes.com/billionaires/list/.   

2013 Bankers
Safra Brazil Banker
Fridman Russia Oiler- also Telecommunications- also Banker

2013 Fossileers; Industry
Ambani India Fossils:  Petrochemical, oil, gas
Usmanov Russia Steel/ also Investor
Mittal India Steel
Repeat: Fridman Russia Oiler- also Telecommer- also Banker

Dangote Nigeria Cement, Flour (who doesn't need that?) Obesitor (sugar)
Akhmetov Ukraine Steel/ Coal (what chance of renewable energy sources there?)

  • Susanne Klatten, BMW, 25 billion, inherited 
  • Forbes states that most self-made women billionaires emerge in US and China (includes those who inherited or married into, but then took substantial steps to grow the wealth)
    • Diane Hendricks, Wisconsin, ABC Supply
    • Zhou Qunfei, Hong Kong
    • Diane Hendricks, ABC Supply

2013 Computing, Telecommunications, Internet, Feeders Off the Cloud
Gates United States - Computing (Microsoft) now probably diversified
Helu Mexico Telecommunications
Ellison United States Happy Marriage Hardware-Software (Oracle)
Thomson Canada Media -- tentacles in all you use to communicate, be communicated to
Repeat: Fridman Russia Oiler- also Telecommunicator- also Banker. Nice to have your own bank, like the NRA
2013 Fashion, La Beaute – Trompe l’oeil, j’espere, j’espere. Non? Meh.
Ortega Spain Fast-Fashioniste (Zara)- retail therapy
Arnault France Brander (LVMH – Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy)
Persson Sweden H & M,  Hennes & Mauritz fast-fashionisti -- off the rack but good stuff
Betancourt France Beautification Facquerie (L’Oreal)  -- everyone can be a beauty.  Believe.
  • Francoise Bettancourt Meyers, 42.2 billion.  Inherited from her mother, Liliane, who inherited from her father re L'Oreal2018. 
2013 Multinational Conglomerates; “Diversified” Gurus (The Gang of Coy)
Buffett United States Multinational Conglomerateur (Berkshire Hathaway)
Koch I United States Coy  (“diversified”) Also undisclosed influence-peddler. Left view of right: Pro-corporate agenda of Koch, viewed from Left. Tweedle-dee.
Koch II United States Coy  (“diversified”) Also undisclosed influence-peddler. Tweedle-dum.
Li Ka-Shing Hong Kong Coy (“diversified”) read – ka-ching; various areas, including humanitarian, http://topics.bloomberg.com/li-ka--shing/
Blavatnik United States Coy (Diversifier), born in Russia, http://www.moneyedup.com/2010/11/billionaire-profile-len-blavatnik/
Cheng Yu-Tung China also Coy (Diversifier) http://www.therichest.org/nation/richest-persons-in-hong-kong/
2013 Hoi Polloi helpers? Targets (let us help you, little people)?
Walton I United States (Walmart) Welcome to Walmart. Hey, is that smoke?
Walton II United States again Welcome to Walmart (our wages? Whatever we want)
Walton III United States who welcomes Walmart any more?
Walton IV  United States Good night, small folks, good night, Waltons. Good night, hopes.
Albrecht Germany Grocer (Aldi: Albrecht Discount) Beats Walmart.
Albrecht II Germany Grocer  (Aldi, Albrecht Discount) (see Schwarz and Lidl)
Schwarz Germany Retailer (Lidl, competor of Aldi, fight on, behemoths). More than grocer?

  • 2018:  46 billion. Alice Walton, daughter of Sam Walton, Walmart. Richest woman in the world.
Bloomberg United States Global business and financial informationeer; now ads for his (people’s) causes
2013 Feeders of Addictions, Le gambleur, le sweets (some, like dark choc and good beer, good)
Adelson United States casino multiple opportunist, also activity in Singapore, interested in Spain, see http://www.nbcnews.com/travel/casino-tycoon-sheldon-adelson-plans-35-billion-mini-las-vegas-706522.Dislikes investigations
Ferrero Italy Obesitor, but the dark choc is good
Lemann Beer Brazil (urp) (not an addiction but a necessity when real beer)
Mars I United States Obesitor.  Also Uncle Ben, pet stuff. http://biz.yahoo.com/ic/40/40297.html
Mars II United States Obesitrix
Mars III United States Obesitor
2013 Online marketing
Bezos United States Online Retail (Amazon)
Page United States Internet search and advertising technologies (Google)
Brin United States ditto Page (Google)
2013 Investors/ Leveraged Buy-outers
Icahn United States Buyout-leveragor (when management itself buys controlling shares in the company)
Soros United States Hedger – funds with limited partners using high-risk means
Alwal Bin Talal Alsaud Saudi Arabia investor
2013 Real estate
Kwok Hong Kong real estaters
2013 Miners – Dreadful sorry, Clementine
Gonzalez Mexico Miner
Fontbona Chile Miner
Rinehart Australia Miner
Velasco Mexico Miner
To be added:  A work in progress
Del Vecchio

II.  Then:  What can little folk do to shift money to the common good, when there is so much money made from producing non-essentials, in all the fluff (but fun) that makes money -- fashion, beauty.  

Homework:  Pick a billionaire.  Look for balance. Search online for any humanitarian work it also touts for itself, and put how much is invested as compared to gross income from all sources derived. 

Then see what issues are important to you for a sustainable life, balanced in interest vs. exploitation. Ethical treatment of people and animals, labor, health:

  • Use of telecommunications for the common good:  Is there a chance that the telecommunications people would use their resources to disseminate facts, educate, take fact-based stands. Even Louis Vuitton mentions on its site its humanitarian investments.  Hype or real? 

Next step:  A Value-Subtracted-Tax, for each non-sustenance-related product sold, with proceeds to go for global sustenance, health care, education for all. Is it time to wake up?