Friday, December 10, 2010

Global Fast Food. Doner Kebab, Danish Pork Sandwich, French Hot Dog

Doner Kebab, St. Petersburg, Russia

The Doner Kebab.  Here, our latest:  Russian doner kebab.  Doner kebab is a global fast food phenomenon, a vertical roasting conglomerate of stacked, compressed slices of meat, shaved down as you order, and plated with some veggies, a pita, whatever.

Doner kebab, Roskilde, Denmark

We have no corner on the market as to fast foods, street food.  Find earlier Kebab finds at Turin, Italy: Doner Kebab

For the famous Danish pork sandwich, see

And the infamous hot dog, condiments in the cylinder, see Sweden's version at

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Oppression - Restricted Experiences. Then Usual Gender activities


We found fine, warm people, but
  • Photo inside a supermarket.  We were not allowed even to take a picture inside the supermarket to show back home how alike theirs are to ours.  No! Arms waving. Stop.  And 
  • Sex Trafficking, Farm. out in the country, across the border about half an hour from Hungary, Sign, in English, Sex Farm. A paved road, but a farmland-unsettled area, flat in all directions, some hedgerows, little woods, and a dirt road going off to the left. Nowhere to run. Arrow pointing the way off-road. And the road just went on and on until it disappeared. No getting away from there.  And guess the nationality of the clientele. We did not stop. 
  • Otherwise great stay. But there are watchers.
Usual gender activities:

On the more predictable, moneymaking side:

 Passed this little red house need the border from Switzerland to Liechtenstein. Sign for the activities inside in general.

  • Overnight at a "zimmer" (rooms above a pub, main road) for a room, between Vienna and Bratislava. Had supper, went upstairs, then saw that the room had no curtains, bathroom no door. Just turn off the lights and sleep. Slow night. Good food, friendly people but the function rooms are clearly that. No curtains, and the parking lot below? 

Woman Sass. Equal Opportunity, Gender Equality, Gender Parity, Sass

Traffic control

Traffic opportunities, issues.
Napoleon crossed the Alps here and also had problems. Here, the motorcycle won. The Grand San Bernardino Pass.

Just put out some square planters in the road, add pretty flowers, and make the cars go around; or stop for each other. This is Arnold Schwarzenegger's home town. The idea actually works. Economical, effective, pulchritudinous.
Here is Poland, telling you to slow down:

Here is Switzerland, telling you to slow down.
Switzerland. Budget-friendly speed non-trap.

That fake one aimed at the bikers, at an Altdorf repair shop.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Headwear: The Men's Driving Cap

The men's driving cap.  Perhaps the golf cap, in later years.

So practical.  So understated. So ... bewitching. Mysterious, even.  The driving cap.  There are differences between the economy models, and the Heir Apparent. 

An Heir Apparent will be sure that his cap is stitched to the visor, all the way across, and not snapped.  Fit from the base of the skull, back at the hairline, angled a little to the front at that hairline (remember to comb your hair or smooth it down when you take the thing off, or it looks like you have bed hair).  Not too wide on top, and certainly not the eight panels that the old newsboys' caps used in the 1930's.  The proper driving cap has three panels. Three.  No more, no less.

 For techniques of sizing and measurement, see that Romania site at Romania Road Ways II, Vlad Tepes Sites.

This fetching model, on the spousal tourist-gent on Aran Island, Ireland, was lost somewhere thereafter, as I recall.

This next Irish model, at Blarney Castle, Ireland, seen from the top down, looks like one piece of fabric at the entire top, like a U going to the visor,  not a lot of segments radiating out. Then other pieces angled toward the visor from the back, wide in back, narrow and pointy where they meet the visor area.

The one being held is Himself, Daniel.